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The Top 250 Players of All-Time: 240-231

In February 2013 up in the attic bedroom of our student house, Gareth ThomasBen Jones and Ollie Jackson after another prolonged football debate decided it was time we did something about the question, 'Who is the best player in the World?'. Housemate Liam suggested setting out to find the greatest 50 players of all time, this swiftly grew to 100, 150 and 200 before we settled on 250. Our original website is still there to answer the debate but we furthered our work to blogging about the beautiful game starting up

If you missed 250-241 catch it here.

240. Robert PROSINECKI

POSITION: Midfielder;

NATION: Croatia (45/10) / Yugoslavia (15/4);

CLUB(s):  Dinamo Zagreb (HVR), Red Star Belgrade (SER), Real Madrid (SPA), Real Oviedo (SPA), Barcelona (SPA), Sevilla (SPA), Croatia Zagreb (HVR), Hrvatski Dragovoljac (HVR), Standard Liege (BEL), Portsmouth (ENG), Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN), NK Zagreb (HVR)

CLUB HONOURS: 3x Yugoslav First League, 1x Yugoslav Cup, 1x UEFA European Cup, 1x Copa del Rey, 2x Supercopa de Espana, 1x Copa Iberoamericana, 3x Prva HNL, 1x Croatian Cup, 1x Croatian Supercup, 1x Slovenian Cup

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1x 1987 FIFA World Youth Championship 

For more info see our blog "Croatia and Australia: A Unique Footballing Rivalry" 

"If this lad makes it as a football player i'll eat my coaching certificate" - Miroslav Blazevic (coach at Dinamo Zagreb)... I hope that certificate tasted good!

239. Victor VALDES

POSITION: Goalkeeper

NATION: Spain (19/0) (Correct as of Jan 2014);

CLUB: Barcelona (SPA)

CLUB HONOURS: 6x La Liga, 2x Copa del Rey,  6x Supercopa de Espana, 3x UEFA Champions League, 2x UEFA Super Cup, 2x FIFA Club World Cup

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1 x FIFA World Cup, 1x UEFA European Championships

The Guardian after Valdes stars against Real Madrid: "And then there's Valdés, passing his way out of trouble even after he has passed his way into it. As well as talent, that takes balls. Especially against a team as good as Real Madrid."

238. Denis IRWIN

POSITION: Defender; 

NATION: Republic of Ireland (56/4); 

CLUB(s): Leeds United, Oldham Athletic, Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wanderers (All ENG)

CLUB HONOURS: 7x Premier League, 3x FA Cup, 1x Football League Cup, 4x FA Charity Shield, 1x UEFA Champions League, 1x UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, 1x UEFA Super Cup, 1x Intercontinental Cup 

"It takes a certain kind of player to muster up the will and the hunger to carry on playing at the highest level past their 38th birthday. And in Denis Irwin, Sir Alex knew he’d found someone special… In 12 years at Old Trafford, Mr Dependable became the second most decorated player in the club’s history." Manchester United Website


Juninho Paulista
POSITION: Midfielder; 

NATION: Brazil (49/5);

CLUB(s): São Paulo (BRA), Middlesbrough (ENG), Atlético Madrid (SPA), Vasco da Gama (BRA), Flamengo (BRA), Celtic (SCO), Palmeiras (BRA), Sydney FC (AUS); 

CLUB HONOURS: 1x Copa Libertadores, 1x Supercopa Sudamericana, 1x Intercontinental Cup, 1x Recopa Sudamericana, 1x Copa CONMEBOL, 1x Brazilian Champions Cup, 1x Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, 1x Copa Mercosur, 1x Campeonato Carioca, 1x Football League Cup; 

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1x FIFA World Cup, 1x FIFA Confederations Cup

"It seems preposterous now, but not so long ago the most exciting player in England played for Middlesbrough. The little Brazilian really seemed to care about the club. He cried on the pitch when Middlesbrough were relegated in 1997, the season the club lost the League and FA Cup finals. When he returned and won the League Cup with Middlesbrough, he said the achievement meant more to him than winning the 2002 World Cup with Brazil." The Guardian voted Juninho in their 'Most Likeable Players XI', hard not to agree!

236. David TREZEGUET

POSITION: Forward;

NATION: France (71/34);

CLUB(S): Platense (ARG), Monaco (FRA), Juventus (ITA), Hércules (SPA), Baniyas (UAE), River Plate (ARG), Newell’s Old Boys (ARG)

CLUB HONOURS: 2x Ligue 1, 1x Trophee des champions, 2x Serie A, 1x Serie B, 2x Supercoppa Italiana, 1x Premiera B Nacional

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1x FIFA World Cup, 1x UEFA European Championships

For more info see our blog "1998 World Cup: A French Dream Team"

"It was the fault of David Trezeguet, who made me do one drink of vodka after another. I slept in the bathtub. Now I hold my vodka much better.” Zlatan Ibrahimovic after celebrating 'too hard' with Trezeguet in 2005.

235. Claudio TAFFAREL

POSITION: Goalkeeper

NATION: Brazil (101/0); 

CLUB(S): Internacional (BRA), Parma (ITA), Reggiana (ITA), Atletico Mineiro (BRA), Galatasaray (TUR), Empoli (ITA)

CLUB HONOURS: 2x Coppa Italia, 1x UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, 1x UEFA Cup, 1x UEFA Super Cup, 2x Super Lig, 2x Turkish Cup, 1x Minas Gerais State League, 1x UEFA CONMEBOL Cup

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1x FIFA World Cup, 2x Copa America, 1x Olympic Silver Medal

234. Nobby STILES

POSITION: Midfielder;

NATION: England (28/1);

CLUB(S): Manchester United, Middlesborough, Preston North End (All ENG)

CLUB HONOURS: 2x Football League Division 1, 1x FA Cup, 2x FA Charity Shield, 1x UEFA European Cup

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 1x FIFA World Cup, 3x British Home Championships

233. Mia HAMM

POSITION: Forward;

NATION: USA (275/158);

CLUB(S): North Carolina Tar Heels, Washington Freedom (Both USA)

CLUB HONOURS:  4x NCAA National Champion, 1x WUSA Founder's Cup Champion

INTERNATIONAL HONOURS: 2x FIFA Women's World Cup, 2x Olympic Gold Medal

For more info see our blog "The Crest Dissected US Women's Soccer, Mia Hamm & Kristine Lilly"

232. Andreas BREHME

POSITION: Defender / Midfielder;

NATION: Germany (86/8);

CLUB(S):  HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst (GER), 1. FC Saarbrücken (GER), 1. FC Kaiserslautern (GER), Bayern Munich (GER), Internazionale (ITA), Zaragoza (SPA), 1. FC Kaiserslautern (GER)

CLUB HONOURS: 2x Bundesliga, 1x DFB-Pokal, 1x DFL-Supercup, 1x Serie A, 1x Supercoppa Italiana, 1x UEFA Cup;



POSITION: Forward;

NATION: England (17/5);

CLUB(S):  Hayes (ENG), Queens Park Rangers (ENG), Brentford (ENG), Besiktas (TUR), Newcastle United (ENG), Tottenham Hotspur (ENG), West Ham United (ENG), Leicester City (ENG), Bolton Wanderers (ENG), Reading (ENG), Watford (ENG)

CLUB HONOURS:  1x Turkish Cup, 1x TSYD Cup, 1x League Cup


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