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Coming Soon - The Sporting History Boys

COMING SOON!  From the founders of the award-winning "The Football History Boys" Like Sport? Love Its History!

Cardiff City - The rebrand, the turmoil and the victory for fans!

Vincent Tan's Cardiff City badge On Friday 9th January 2015 it was announced by Cardiff City Football Club that they would be returning to their historic blue kit with owner Vincent Tan's red being demoted to the away strip. This followed some of the most turbulent times for the South Wales side since the 'rebrand' was announced in May 2012. However is this the start of the good times for Cardiff or does the return to blue just mask the many issues surrounding the Bluebirds?  I must say, if I wrote this the week of the change like I planned, I would probably have been caught up in the hype. The situation in early February though is that of heartache still for Cardiff City supporters. Results are woeful, matched by woeful performances on the pitch that in turn sees the atmosphere in the stadium toxic and painful to witness. The reasons behind the negativity at Cardiff City Stadium lie far further than just poor results, to find the true depths of it, we must invest

Football's Greatest Rivalries: The Merseyside Derby

Is there any greater local rivalry in England than the Merseyside Derby? It is a debatable question and no doubt is one which would split opinion throughout the country. Manchester and North London would push this statement the distance - so why have we decided to write about Liverpool and Everton before any other domestic rivalry? Simple. No top-flight derby fixture has been played as many times and for as long as that on Merseyside. For many it is even dubbed the 'friendly' derby, a match which sees fans mingle together as well as family divisions. But what about on the pitch? There, is a different story - The Merseyside Derby on Sunday will be the 236th meeting between the sides and one which promises to once more produce a fixture like no other in British Football History.  So where to begin? At the beginning. It was Everton who were first to be formed in 1878 as St Domingo's F.C. playing at Stanley Park before eventually moving to Anfield. Yes. Anfield. Liverpool a