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The Crest Dissected: Stoke City

The last two decades have seen an increasing number of professional football clubs across Britain review, revamp and redesign their official crest or badge as part of a continuing drive to modernise and commercialise the game. The latest generation of crests are rarely designed to demonstrate and commemorate the history and heritage of the club in question with the primary concern now being to create something that is simple, sleek and aesthetically appealing. Whether you agree with this process of evolution and modernisation is a different debate for a different time, but it is clear that the vast majority of clubs have bought into this new trend, often with a mixed response from supporters. Stoke City implemented their current crest in 2001 as part of a broader range of initiatives that were a direct attempt to modernise the club following the opening of the Bet365 Stadium (then known as the Britannia Stadium) four years earlier. The club had previously used various manifestations