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Wales' Greatest Ever Players: The Top Ten

As part of a new series - The Football History Boys are enlisting the help of some of the nation's best writers to discuss ten of the greatest sportsmen and women to ever pull on the red jersey. Starting with Jess Fishlock, a pioneer of the women's game in Wales - we will be taking a journey right the way through over 140 years of international history to see who has helped to shape modern Welsh sporting identity. It is a list which will celebrate more than just achievements on the pitch, but off them too. So stay tuned for a feast of Welsh footballing goodness! Diolch!
Jess Fishlock by @hst_groundhop
Billy Meredith by @Machludwr
Ryan Giggsby @Crabbers89
Ivor Allchurch by @JDPThomas
Gary Speedby @GJ_Thomas
Ian Rushby @Benny_J
John Charles by @KarlReyn
Neville Southall by @RhodriStCrannog

Who is Wales' Greatest Ever Player?

Jess Fishlock
Billy Meredith
Ryan Giggs
Ivor Allchurch
Aaron Ramsey
Neville Southall

Football and Education: Wales - Rugby or Football? (Part Two)

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Growing up in Wales, P.E. lessons were dominated by one sport - rugby. Gareth and I both attended the same high-school in Cardiff and both enjoyed playing the game from time-to-time. But for us, football was always our number one. Coming from Wales, people are sometimes surprised that rugby indeed takes a back seat in our interests and that our love for football only grows stronger each day. This got us thinking, what really is the most popular sport in Wales? Our recent paper - "Football and Education: Class, Identity and the Dunce Hat", looked in depth at the role football has played in schools since the 1850s and highlighted its influence on children around Britain. 

The next step for us was to look deeper at the sport and its role in schools in different areas of the UK. This would help us to see if certain regions are indeed impacted heavier than others. Being Welsh, it only seemed natural to look at our country. In a land so used to rugby, how …

2019 UEFA Champions League Final: An All-English Affair

On 1st June, Tottenham Hotspur will play in their first Champions League Final. Their opponents, five-time winners Liverpool, will be competing in their ninth. The sides have seen a domestic rivalry grow in recent seasons and the showpiece event in Madrid will be an all-English affair. For just the seventh time in European Cup history, the final will involve two teams from the same UEFA nation. This got us thinking - what were the other 6 finals and how did events unfold in front of the millions watching around the world?

Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia (Paris, 2000)

The first final to feature teams from the same nation was testament to the success of the European Cup's rebranding in 1992. The tournament had grown significantly in its popularity and scope and began to feature more and more teams in its group stage/knockout format. The 2000 edition saw 8 more teams added to the group stage and 3 teams each from Europe's top 5 leagues. The Spanish contingent saw the usual el clasico comb…