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TFHB Podcast: Episode 2 (A Football TARDIS)

The Football History Boys bring you Episode 2 of our new podcast! We finish off the rest of our 'Wales' Greatest' series, taking some of your opinions on who should be considered the best, we step inside our Football TARDIS and head back to famous matches in 1953 & 1923 as well as stop at some of your chosen destinations and we also have time for a good bit of quizzing along the way! As ever, get involved with your views, Tweet us: or find the articles discussed over at our website: . If you want to join our Fantasy Premier League mini-league, head over to the official site and type in code: hhtkhy - Just don't leave in a player who has already been sold like Ben did!). The Football History Boys, 2019

The 1934 World Cup: Coppa Del Duce

1934 - The world was gripped by economic depression, a depression that had started with the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Adolf Hitler's rise to power under the slogan 'A rbeit und Brot' (Work and Bread) had led to him being elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 before assuming the role of Fuhrer in 1934. American President Woodrow Wilson's idea of a 'League of Nations' to keep peace following the Great War (1914-1918) was failing and extreme beliefs were prospering across Europe. Into a melting pot of tension and uncertainty, the second ever addition of FIFA's 'World Cup' was due to take place. Italy were led by fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and his policy surrounded the 'cult of personality'. Il Duce, as he was known, prioritised being seen as the perfect man and perfect leader, done through both propaganda and force. With plans of Italian expansion in mind, a war of revenge in Africa with Abyssinia (Ethiopia) would follow in 1935.

TFHB Podcast: Episode 1

Available now on Spotify: (link:… And on Anchor: (link:… #TFHBPodcast The Football History Boys begin their journey into the world of podcasting! In our first episode we discuss who TFHB are, the first half of our latest 'Wales' Greatest' series, sports' history in schools and the international tournaments that are taking place this summer. Make sure you get invovled, sharing your views or entering our quiz over on Twitter: @TFHBs or find the articles discussed in today's show over at our website: The Football History Boys, 2019