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‘A kick-a-bout with fascists’: The British press, public and Government opinion on the England vs Germany football match played in London in 1935

‘A kick-a-bout with fascists’: The British press, public and Government opinion on the England vs Germany football match played in London in 1935  Introduction On 4th December 1935, England’s football team played against their German opponents at White Hart Lane. The stadium was packed to the rafters with 60,000 supporters, including 10,000 German fans, cheering on their team. The German side was shown to be inferior on the pitch, with the English side dominating many aspects of the game. Despite a valiant performance from the German goal keeper, H. Jacob, the match ended 3-0 in favour of England after their relentless attacking display resulted in two goals being scored by their centre forward, Camsell, and another goal by Cliff Bastin.[1] The match was regarded as an uneventful affair in some papers with both sides showing great spirit and respect for each other.[2] This fixture, however, was not just a normal international friendly. The implications surrounding this match demonstra

The Influential Game - Football and Charity

Football has an incredible influence on the world around it. With more countries part of FIFA than there are members of the UN, it is easy to see why. The modern game is often criticised by onlookers, supporters and even politicians for being a sport removed from the public, and one in which money conquers all. There is some weight to these arguments, but are they always accurate? The short answer would be no. Football has a long an intriguing history with charity stretching right back to the origins of its codification in 1863. From early public schools to the incredible free school meals campaign of Marcus Rashford - let's see how the beautiful game has tried to make the world benefit from its influence. Football has been closely linked to charitable acts ever since its codification. As a sport, the original intentions of the game were never for financial profit. Gate receipts welcomed at the ever-increasing number of matches during the 1860s and 1870s could therefore be distribu

The Football History Boys Podcast (Season 2)

Last year, backed by our superb social media audience, TFHB started our own podcast! The TFHB Pod is there to discuss everything we love about the beautiful game, the historical stuff, the modern bits and some of the age-old debates fans love to argue about! The podcast is available in all your usual podcast places, including  Anchor ,  Spotify ,  Apple Podcasts ,  Google Podcasts ,  Breaker ,  Overcast ,  Pocketcasts  &  RadioPublic . We'd love you to start listening, get involved with your views and ideas and share the pod with your mates. There were 16 episodes in our first year, make sure you catch  Season 1 here . Or keep scrolling down for a look at our second season below. Get in touch, using our  Twitter ,  Facebook  or drop us an email: If you want to join our Fantasy Premier League mini-league, head over to the  official site  and type in code: c3zxzw. Season 2: Episode 1 - Project TFHB Podcast Our second season kicks off with catch

QUIZ: Celtic v Rangers: The Old Firm Derby

Love them or loathe them the Old Firm have been ruling the top division of Scottish football for nearly 35 years now. Following the first Celtic v Rangers Derby of the season in October 2020, it's become clear the Premiership in Scotland is set to become a two horse race as Steven Gerrard and his team aim to stop Neil Lennon and Co achieving a record breaking 10 titles in a row.  Our Scottish correspondent Alex Horsburgh ( @AlexHTheMAX ) sets twenty questions on the giants of football North of the border. How well do you know the clubs that were dubbed the Old Firm after their first game was reported by a Victorian journalist as being so enjoyable that he felt the teams played like "Old Firm friends" hence the term "Old Firm" to describe the Glasgow rivals.  (If the quiz does not load click here: )   Our book is available to buy here!