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Football and Primary Education: Studying Sustainability with Forest Green Rovers

Since creating The Football History Boys in 2013, one of our greatest passions has been our drive to get football into education. We both believe the beautiful game can help to create meaningful and engaging contexts for children to learn. With this in mind, I was able to use football in order to help contextualise my class' recent topic centred on sustainability and climate change. The foundations for learning was to be found through the incredible work undertaken by Gloucestershire club, Forest Green Rovers.  Teaching in Newport and given the rivalry between the two clubs, Forest Green Rovers may be the last club you would expect a teacher from the south east of Wales to be teaching their class about. However, after reading a number of articles highlighting the positive and progressive nature of the ''World's first Vegan club", this was an opportunity my class couldn't miss out on. When explaining to my class of year 5 children that we would be using football