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The 1978 World Cup: Blood on the Crossbar | @RhysWRichards

Rhys Richards investigates the 1978 World Cup for The Football History Boys. A tournament hosted and won by Argentina  amidst a military junta and much political unrest in the country. With threats of boycott and international condemnation, the greatest competition in sport turned up in South America. Have a read of this fascinating story... June 25th 1978 - Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires. General Jorge Videla hands Daniel Passarella the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Argentina are champions of the world. A defining night in the lives of both men, as they realise their conflicting dreams. Daniel Passarella lift the World Cup For Videla, a victory for the regime. The legitimization of a much-maligned military junta, with the eyes of the world upon them. For Passarella, a victory for the people. For those in the stands, who could have easily found themselves in the concentration camps; the most notorious of which stood within earshot of the sounds of jubilation emanating from the home of Club

#TFHB100: The Knockouts!

After a day of furious voting and almost 2000 votes added to the 6000 which came in last week - we have our #TFHB100 knockout rounds! Below is the fixtures and the match-ups between 16 of the game's greatest ever players! ( In brackets is their seeding ) Match 1 - 10am Lionel Messi (1) vs Ferenc Puskas (15)     204 Votes Match 2 - 11am George Best (9) vs John Charles (18)    171 Votes Match 3 - 12pm Ronaldo (5) vs Bobby Charlton (28)        178 Votes Match 4 - 1pm Pelé (4) vs Alfredo Di Stefano (14)          166 Votes Match 5 - 2pm Cristiano Ronaldo (3) vs Andres Iniesta (13)      134 Votes Match  6 - 3pm Johan Cruyff (6) vs Paolo Maldini (11) Match 7  - 4pm Zinedine Zidane (7) vs Marco Van Basten (25) Match 8 - 5pm Diego Maradona (2) vs Franz Beckenbauer (16) Quarter-Final 1 Lionel Messi (1) vs George Best (9) Quarter-Final 2 Ronaldo (5) vs Pelé (4) Quarter-Final 3 Cristiano Ronaldo (3) vs Johan Cruyff (6) Quarter-Final 4 Diego Maradona (2) vs Zinedine Zidane (7)  Se