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2020 - Football's Most Important Year?

Well well well...2020. What a mad year. This time last year, few could predict the unprecedented events which would develop as the world went into lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has swept through nation after nation disrupting all aspects of life. Even football, which often seems untouchable, was shutdown in March. Upon its restart in June, stadiums usually full of tens of thousands of supporters were left deserted as the game struggled to cope. Our first book, Football's Fifty Most Important Moments was released in April, just a month after the UK's first lockdown began. As a result, interviews on various podcasts would consistently ask that if the book were to be released later - would the COVID-19 pandemic be included. Undoubtedly, yes. 2020 will be regarded as one of the game's most pivotal years - but what other years deserve their place in football history?  1857 Six years before the codification of football under the 'association rules', the game was beg