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Football By Decade: 1940s

Scandal, war, growth and radical. Perhaps the four words to best describe the four decades preceding the 1940s. Of course the 1940s would at first bring about the unfortunate relapse of battle in the Second World War and the loss of an estimated 60 million lives, both militant and civilian alike. However the 1940s can also be remembered as the turning point in football. Following the Second World War, where once again footballers too found themselves at the frontline of conflict, the game began to change into what we see on our TVs today.  Although starting in 1939, the Second World War would spread until 1945, suspending leagues around the globe as nations began entering what is now described as a 'Total War'. Like 1914-1918 conscription was introduced to the British Army meaning even footballers, who were even then held in high esteem and watched by crowds as large as today, were not immune to the effects of warfare. Football would not stop completely during the War, as l

Leeds United: A Turbulent Past

The time seems just about right, now that thing at Elland Road are finally beginning to look up again, that I delve into the intriguing past of one of the UK’s most historic and controversial clubs which just so happens to be my club; Leeds United.   Most people’s first impressions of Leeds are of ‘Dirty Leeds’ and ‘Leeds scum’, an idea which has been perpetuated in a certain song of which I am sure you are all aware of. It is true that we don’t have a lot of friends in British football. It is also true that many of the reasons for this ‘hatred’ have been the result of our own actions as a club. However, I intend to focus on the footballing prowess and history of one of English football’s finest institutions. So sit back and strap yourselves in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride through the life and times of this awakening Yorkshire giant. It is impossible to think of this club’s great past without thinking about the one and only Don Revie ; The Father of Leeds United. After t