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#TFHB100: The Final 32

After counting down our #TFHB100 from 100-33, we thought for the final 32, we would create a World Cup style twitter tournament! Below is the seeded groups which will begin on Monday 01/02/2021 (Our 8th birthday!) - We hope you enjoy it and get involved! Diolch! Group A  Lionel Messi  79.6% Franz Beckenbauer 11.8% Paul Gascoigne   5.2% Gerd Muller  3.3% 211 Votes Group B Diego Maradona 78.6% Ferenc Puskas 11% Garrincha  7.1% Michel Platini 3.3% 182 Votes Group C George Best 33.7% Thierry Henry  18.4% Xavi   21.6% Marco Van Basten 26.3% 255 Votes Group D Zinedine Zidane 39.6% Ronaldinho  15.4% Roberto Baggio 10.9% John Charles 34% 285 Votes Group E Ronaldo 43.7% Kenny Dalglish 15.9% Paolo Maldini 30.2% Lev Yashin 10.3% 252 Votes Group F Johan Cruyff 68.6% Dennis Bergkamp 10.3% Dixie Dean 6.5% Bobby Charlton 14.6% 185 Votes Group G Pelé 67.6% Andres Iniesta 15.9% Eusebio  11.5% Gigi Buffon  4.9% 182 Votes Group H Cristiano Ronaldo 56% Alfredo Di Stefano 31.9% Bobby Moore  9.4% Luis

TFHB 100 Best Men's Footballers of All-Time: 100-33

Over 6000 votes came in for the #TFHB100 poll! 130 players received votes, but ultimately only one can be classed as the best men's footballer of all-time! Before we enter the final 32 tournament - here is the run down from 100th - 33rd! After we announce players 100-33 on Saturday 30/01/21, we will be creating a Twitter World Cup style tournament to decide the ultimate winner - make sure you don't miss out and follow us @TFHBs. The initial groups will be announced on Monday 01/02/21 100-91 100: @OliverKahn   99. Henrik Larsson  98. Nandor Hidekguti  97. Dino Zoff  96. Sandor Kocsis  95. Pavel Nedved  94. Valentino Mazzola  93. Guiseppe Meazza 92. Paul Breitner  91. Roger Milla  90-81: 90. Fritz Walter   89. Gianni Rivera   88. Raymond Kopa   87. Luigi Riva   86.  @officialcafu  85.  @Oficial_RC3  84. Luis Suarez   83.  @philipplahm  82. Roberto Rivellino   81. Juan Schiaffino  80-71: 80. Didi 79. Carlos Alberto 78. Iker Casillas 77. Rivaldo 76. Carles Puyol 75. Daniel Passarel

The 100 Best Women's Footballers of All-Time

Eight years ago, when The Football History Boys was born, our knowledge of women's football  was, admitedly, very poor. However, one of the best things to come from our research into the game's incredible past has been increasing our understanding of what continues to be one of the fastest growing sports acround the world. Women's football has an intriguing history and for over a century it tells us stories which go far beyond sport. Thousands of pioneers and innovators have continiously strived to make the game competitive, exciting and enjoyable, and in recent seasons the fruits of their labour have paid off with capacity crowds, incredible superstars and inspired youngsters all being swept up in the movement.  Below is a list of 100 of the best women's footballers to have played the game. From the munitionettes of the First World War to the modern day greats - you decide who is to be regarded as truly the greatest player to have graced the game! Pick 5 players who yo

The TFHB 100 is Back!

'Who is the greatest footballer of all-time?' is a question which is asked over and over again. We've asked it ourselves twice - in 2014 and 2017. In 2014, Zinedine Zidane came out on top before Lionel Messi took the crown in 2017! With records continually being broken by this generation's greats (Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo), as well as the untimely death of the legendary Diego Maradona - it seems that now is the perfect time to revise our list and see who our followers believe to be the greatest of all-time! The vote will last until February 1st (TFHB's 8th Birthday)! Once the vote has finished, the final 32 names will be drawn in 8 groups of 4 and the voted on our Twitter page @TFHBs in a World Cup format! Simply choose five players who you believe to be the best of all-time:  Loading...  ©The Football History Boys, 2021  

Real Madrid and all that | @DavidCollins29a

South Wales based football writer David Collins reviews a unique new title, ' Real Madrid and all that',  which chronicles a defining season in one football club’s history. If you share his obsession with all things 1970s, it’s well worth checking out! I have never been much for competitions or games of chance. I don’t play the Lottery, don’t bet on the horses, and can’t really get too animated over fantasy football. I’d rather keep my money in my pocket I guess. Though I do enjoy a quiz. Mastermind, University Challenge, Quiz Night up the pub. Yeah, "I likes a good quiz I do". I particularly enjoy the regular testing of my soccer knowledge offered by the Cardiff City Supporters Trust magazine. It’s a testing exercise with a nice incentive of £50 prize money. I have yet to win the top prize, but have come close once or twice. Usually this brings little more than a metaphoric pat-on-the back though recently I was delighted to pick up a “runners up” prize courtesy of Tr