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Football and Education: Class, Identity and the Dunce Hat (Full)

Since we started writing on our blog, The Football History Boys, we have occasionally found it difficult to write new pieces on a regular basis. The main reason for this has been our jobs, both of which lie in education. My current class will often discuss football and the results of the weekend, showing the same engagement with the game as Gareth and I had. The history of education, at least at a state level, follows a remarkably similar timeline to that of football. With only a decade or so apart, both education and the beautiful game have seen a century and a half of immense change socially, politically and economically. There is little doubt that education and football have a closer relationship than we might think. But how close? In this piece, we will take a closer, narrative look at how the game grew into the sport of schoolboys and girls across the nation. Against a backdrop of, at times, antiquated colonial beliefs, two world wars and social revolution in the 1960s, how has t…

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