Football's 50 Most Important Clubs: 50-41

Football is so much more than just a game. For the last 160 years it has provoked endless conversation and debate amongst supporters of all ages. Indeed, there are many topics of discussion that can fuel the fire inside an individual and the question of 'which football club is the important?' certainly achieves this. Perhaps such fierce debate is due to the ambiguity of such a question and the subjective nature of the term 'important'. For some, success and size may equate to a club's importance, but to others a deeper personal connection may see different sides at the forefront of their minds. To create a final list of 50 sides, we created poll on our site, which saw over 90 different nominations from supporters all around the world. Almost 4000 votes were cast in total - so let's find out who completes Football's 50 Most Important Clubs!

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