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#TFHB100 Players of All-Time: 40-31

To mark our 4th birthday, we have decided once more develop a list of the greatest players of all-time. In our infancy, we attempted to countdown the top 250 players through a public vote. However, over the past year a new poll was created gaining a far greater number of votes from almost 50 countries around the world! Alongside the public vote is a judging panel made up of:

Football has been pivotal to the last 100 years of history and players from all areas of the globe have become heroes, villains and even symbols of national identity in the process. Without further ado - here is The Football History Boys - Top 100.


D.O.B: 20.05.81
Image result for casillas zimbio

Place in #TFHB250: 62

Nation: Spain

Club(s): Real Madrid, Porto

League Apps (Goals): 557 (0)

International: 167 (0)

La Liga x5; Copa Del Rey x2; Supercopa de Espana x4; UEFA Champions League x3; UEFA Super Cup x2; FIFA Club World Cup x2; FIFA World Cup; UEFA European Championship x2

Individual: Bravo Award; FIFA World XI 2008-12; FIFA World Cup Golden Glove; FIFA World Cup Team 2010; UEFA Team of the Year 2007-12; UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament 2008 2012

39. Dixie DEAN

D.O.B: 22.01.1907
Image result for dixie dean
Place in #TFHB250:

Nation: England

Tranmere, Everton, Notts County, Sligo Rovers, Hurst

League Apps (Goals): 
447 (390)

16 (18)

Football League First Division x2; FA Charity Shield x2; FA Cup

Individual: National Football Museum Hall of Fame, Most goals in a football league season - 60

Everton FC:

"Arguably the greatest goalscorer ever to grace the English game, undeniably the greatest Everton player of all-time, William Ralph Dean's name was the first installed in the Millennium Giants roster when the original Everton Giants listed was formulated in 1999.
His selection provoked the least debate. The only argument concerning a man whose achievements spanned two decades was, in what period? He scored 164 of his 383 Everton goals in the 20s. (This tally includes six Charity Shield strikes, not included in some record books). In the 1930s he captained the club to an unprecedented treble of Second Division, First Division and FA Cup triumphs.
But the achievement for which he is best remembered is the individual goalscoring record of 60 League goals in a single season - a record set in 1928 and never beaten since.
For that reason Dean was selected in the decade in which his unparalleled powers first emerged - and peaked."

38. Roberto BAGGIO

D.O.B: 18.02.67

Image result for roberto baggioPlace in #TFHB250: 44

Nation: Italy

Vincenza, Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter, Brescia

League Apps (Goals): 488 (218)

56 (27)

UEFA Cup; Serie A x2; Coppa Italia

Ballon d'Or; Bravo Award; FIFA World Player of the Year; Onze d'Or; FIFA World Cup Silver Ball; FIFA World Cup All-Star: 1994; FIFA 100; Italian Football Hall of Fame; FIFA World XI 2000 2002

David Platt:

"One game stands out in particular, one against Ancona which we won 5–1. Baggio scored four goals in the first 20 minutes and killed the game off. I don't think I've seen a better performance from any player in any game I've ever played in. For half an hour, he was on fire. As footballers go, he's a genius"

37. Bobby CHARLTON

D.O.B: 13.08.70
Image result for bobby charlton

Place in #TFHB250: 37


 Manchester United, Preston, Waterford, Perth Azzuri

League Apps (Goals): 647 (208)

106 (49)

Honours: Football League First Division x3 ; FA Cup; Charity Shield x4; European Cup; FIFA World Cup

Individual: FIFA 100; FIFA World Cup Golden Ball; Ballon d'Or; FIFA World Cup All-Time Team; FIFA World Cup All-Star 1966 1970; FWA Player of the Year; BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Award


"One of the best-known names in footballing history, England’s Bobby Charlton was a truly great player with exquisite skills and a thunderous shot. He is one of the real gentlemen in global sport and his status as one of the greatest ambassadors in the history of British sport is testimony to his sense of fair play and good values."


D.O.B: 27.05.67
Related image
Place in #TFHB250: 


Club(s): Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough, Everton

League Apps (Goals): 
388 (83)

74 (0)

Honours: FA Cup; Scottish League x2; Scottish Cup; Scottish League Cup

PFA Young Player of the Year; FIFA World Cup All-Star 1990; BBC Sports Personality; Scottish Player of the Year; UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament 1996

35. ZICO

D.O.B: 03.03.53
Image result for zico

Place in #TFHB250: 28


Club(s): Flamengo; Udinese; Kashima Antlers

League Apps (Goals): 332 (192)

71 (52)

Honours: Rio State Championship x7; Brazilian Serie A x3; Copa Uniao; Copa Libertadores; Intercontinental Cup; J-League

Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame; FIFA World Cup All-Star Team; FIFA 100; South American Footballer of the Year; World Soccer Player of the Year 1983; FIFA World Cup Bronze Boot;

34. CAFU

D.O.B: 07.07.70
Related image

Place in #TFHB250: 

Nation: Brazil

Club(s): Sao Paulo, Zaragoza, Palmeiras, Roma, Milan

League Apps (Goals): 
428 (15)

142 (5)

Brazilian Serie A; Campeonato Paulista x3; Copa Libertadores x2; FIFA World Club Cup x3; Supercopa Sudamericana; Recopa Sudamericana; Copa CONMEBOL; UEFA Cup Winners' Cup; Serie A x2; Supercoppa Italiana x2; UEFA Champions League; UEFA Super Cup x2; FIFA World Cup 1994 2002; Copa America x2; FIFA Confederations Cup

Individual: FIFA 100; FIFA World Cup All-Star 2002; FIFA World XI 2002 2005; UEFA Team of the Year x2; South American Team of the Year 1992-5; World Soccer Greatest XI of all-time

The Guardian:
"Buccaneering full-backs have been bounding out of Brazil for over 50 years and it is difficult to determine who has been the best, especially if you're too young to have seen Nílton Santos, Djalma Santos and Carlos Alberto in action. Cafu was explosive going forward and also immaculate in defence as well as extremely durable, giving him the edge over Roberto Carlos and Maicon."

33. John CHARLES

D.O.B: 29.01.66
Image result for john charles juventus
Place in #TFHB250:


Leeds, Juventus, Roma, Cardiff City, Hereford, Merthyr Tyfil

League Apps (Goals): 715 (370)

International: 38 (15)

Serie A x3; Coppa Italia x2; Welsh Cup x2

UEFA Golden Player - Wales; Ballon d'Or 3rd Place; Football League Hall of Fame; Juventus' Greatest Foreign Player: 1997; CBE

Ben Jones - TFHB:
"John Charles - a player who retains a firm place in the hearts of The Football History Boys. Representing our nation of Wales he became one of Britain's first real success stories abroad. After an impressive run at Leeds, the call of Juventus came his way. European football was expanding in the late 50s with the introduction of the European Cup. The failure to lift the maximum wage also helping the process along. For Wales, he was a superstar - playing in the famous side of 1958, reaching the quarter-finals, losing to a goal from a certain...Pele. Charles was injured for the game - leaving Welsh men and women to ponder the question for decades...what if John Charles had played?"

32. Ian RUSH

Image result for ian rush D.O.B: 20.10.61

Place in #TFHB250: 

Nation: Wales

Chester City, Liverpool, Juventus, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Wrexham, Sydney Olympic

League Apps (Goals): 
602 (256)

73 (29)

Football League First Division x5; European Cup x2; League Cup x5; FA Cup x3; Charity Shield x3

 PFA Young Player of the Year; PFA Player of the Year; FWA Footballer of the Year; PFA Team of the Year 1983-5 1987 1991; European Golden Boot

31. David BECKHAM

Image result for david beckham free kick zimbioD.O.B: 02.03.75

Place in #TFHB250: 


Manchester United, Preston, LA Galaxy, PSG

League Apps (Goals): 523 (97)

International: 115 (17)

Honours: Premier League x6; FA Cup x2;FA Community Shield x2; UEFA Champions League; FIFA World Club Cup; La Liga; Supercopa de Espana; MLS Cup x2; MLS Western Conference x2; Ligue 1

Individual: Ballon d'Or 2nd; FIFA World Player of the Year Silver; PFA Young Player of the Year; UEFA Team of the Year 2001 2003; FIFA 100; BBC Sports Personality of the Year; England Player of the Year

Zinedine Zidane:
"He is a tremendous player and he has contributed so much to the success of Manchester United. He is a world-class performer, so any team would want to accommodate him."

Michael Parkinson:
"In my opinion David Beckham is the one footballer of the modern generation who has done the game a great service. Football needs someone like him terribly badly, and providing he can keep a lid on his temper, he's the perfect frontman for the game."

Keep track of the list so far:


Keep tuned in to find out the next 10 in the #TFHB100 shortlist! Check out our judges' websites!!

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