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The Football History Boys are:
Ben Jones & Gareth Thomas - Both graduates in history at Swansea University - our contact details can be found on our "Contact Us" page!

"Bill Shankly had once said – “Some say football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it is much more serious than that.” An article from the pages of history narrating how a sport became so important and the love of the game brought different sections of the society together."
"Goalden Times - Winner - Word Ball 2016 -  Best Story Telling - Just Why Do We Love Football? A Historical Perspective
"One of the my favorite blogs to indulge in is the “Football History Boys”, who do a stellar job on producing unique, informative and consistent content. The site mainly focuses on stories and figures from years past, providing a refreshing break from the in-your-face coverage of the modern game that can often become tiresome.

The site has made wonderful progress since it’s inception in February 2013, and at the recent Football Blogging Awards, they were named “Best New Blog” for their efforts. For history buffs, the blog is rife with tales of iconic players and teams that have decorated the beautiful game."
"World Soccer Talk - #1 Recommended Blog For Soccer Fans"

"Thomas Cook Sport - Top 50 Football Sites You NEED to follow"

"No punches pulled here, this site is devoted to the history of the beautiful game. For the studious soccer fan who wants to familiarise themselves with the Soviet teams of the 1960s there’s no better place on the net."
"BWIN - Top 30 Football Blogs"

Whether you want something to procrastinate to or just because of your love for the game, The Football History Boys is the site for you!

The Football History Boys were awarded as the 'Best New Football Blog 2014' at the Football Blogging Awards in Manchester!

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