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The 50 Most Important Moments in Football History: Part Ten

Football is more than just a game. Over the last 150 years it has become a source of identity, conflict and debate for all who follow and play it. It has reached the furthest corners of the globe and boasts more players and supporters than any other sport. In this list, we will be going right the way through the illustrious, colourful and often tragic history of football and finding out once and for all what the most important moments are in this truly beautiful game.

46. Aguerrrooooo!!! (2012)

This moment is my favourite moment in the list, a hugely controversial statement perhaps, but it was absolutely sensational! In a house in Swansea with 6 or so Manchester United fans, myself (a Cardiff fan) and an Everton supporter were the only two wanting Man City to win the Premier League. When Martin Tyler screamed those now famous lines of commentary, finishing with "AGUERRROOOOOO!!!", I will never, ever forget the unbelievable joy and delirium I experienced. Hugging and dancing ar…

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